IBIZA CHARITY Charities in Ibiza
Charities in Ibiza

Ibiza is home to a number of good causes, such as charities and charitable organizations involved in raising awareness on local issues that are neglected,

and they are working on the necessary fundraising to support their important deployment, for a better future.

These local initiatives, projects and organizations, devoted to humanitarian aid and animal welfare, not locally or governmentally subsidized, are totally dependent on donations to achieve their intentions.
To achieve these goals, local volunteers work on a daily basis, with great effort.

Considering the Love for Animals Ibiza is also supported from abroad, to alleviate the great distress of thousands of abandoned animals on the island.

The multicultural population of Ibiza, distinguished by their characteristic philanthropy, supports these local charities with heart & soul.

Yet your donation can make a big difference to people & animals!
Therefore we make an urgent appeal to your charity and generosity
to financially support the following organizations:
CARE 4 CATS IBIZA > Care for feral cats in Ibiza
CARE 4 CATS - Care for feral cats in Ibiza
- In 1999 UK registered charity - nr. 1106345
This charity organization, founded by animal lover Angela Collins, comes to Ibiza twice a year, with a group of dedicated volunteers, to help TRAP, NEUTER & RETURN the thousands of stray and feral cats of Ibiza, to address the growth of feral cat populations in a humane way, and to encourage neutering of cats in general !! Throughout the year local C4C volunteers of all nationalities continue this important TNR task and also see themselves re-homing cats, taking them to vets for medical treatment and finding temporary foster homes and arranging adoptions abroad for the cats of Ibiza. There is a lot of work....
C4C needs all the help they can get and are looking for new trapping volunteers, foster homes, adoption homes, plot of land & funds to realize their veterinary clinic !!
All informatiON & DONATIONS >>
To be able to realize their much needed animal centre & veterinary clinic in Ibiza for all year round animal care, control & education in Ibiza, CARE4CATS IBIZA needs your help to raise necessary funds to get started, by organizing fundraising events, such as:
3 Days charity auction at Atzaro from 26 - 28 August, 2014:
- Eivissa Animal Clinic Fundraising - ESSEX TO EIVISSA 2012
All informatiON & DONATIONS>>
CAN HORSE IBIZA Association to Protect the Horses of Ibiza
CAN HORSE IBIZA - Association to Protect the Horses of Ibiza
Can Horse IBIZA is a horse sanctuary - Non Profit Organisation situated in the countryside of San Lorenzo, where old and abused or abandoned horses find a save environment and get medical care, food, water & shelter.
Every Sunday
CAN HORSE opens its doors to the public enabling young & old to visit the horses and learn all there is to know about the noble horse.
They also organize activities, meetings & seminars, workshops, horse riding training courses & Horse riding trips through nature.
CAN HORSE solely relies on donations !!
Fundraising events:
- FUNDRAISER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL for food & shelter for the horses & Rocio the baby donkey organized by both C4C and CAN HORSE for at CAN HORSE
MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza
MOJIS Ibiza Animal Sanctuary
The private, Non-profit & unsubsidized MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza was founded in 2008 by animal “whisperer” Abraham Barroso and provides safe heaven & rehabilitation for abandoned, mistreated, neglected and unwanted animals on Ibiza. Abraham works as a bartender and additionally provides sensory dog trainings and equine therapy, but still depends on donations to cover the costs of MOJIS.
Sunday 6 November 2016 from 10.00 hrs
- FUNDRAISING EVENT for winter food & shelter for the cats, dogs, horses, wild pigs, goats, hens, guinea pigs & ducks.
D.U.O. ANIMAL AID IBIZA Animal welfare, animal shelters, animal rescue and rehabilitation of animals

Tel: +34 971 197430
Fax: +34 971 197 597
D.U.O. ANIMAL AID IBIZA - Animal welfare, animal shelters, animal rescue & rehabilitation of animals
DUO: A voluntary and official animal protection organization in Ibiza, which is daily involved with animal welfare, animal rescue, animal shelters and sponsorship for cats, dogs and horses on the island. They care for the fate of the animals on Ibiza and help to relieve the suffering of the many stray animals.
This organization is entirely dependent on donations!
APNEEF Association of people with special needs of Eivissa and Formentera

APNEEF - Association of people with special needs of Eivissa and Formentera
Non profit organisation, registered with the Association register of the autonomous region of the Balearic Islands, no. 3605, that improves the quality of life of boys and girls aged 0-18 years with special educational needs, through physical, psychological, and sensory or cognitive disabilities. Objectives are to improve the development and evolution of these children and increase their social integration through specialized programs, such as psychomotor therapy, equine therapy, multisensory stimulation, crafts workshops, hydrotherapy, music therapy and all other forms of therapy that help stimulate recovery and reintegration of children.
This organization depends on grants and donations !!
C/ Madrid 52, bajos, 07800 IBIZA - Tel.: +34 971 192 421
More information: President: +34 638 003 627
VicePresident: +34 620 859 186 or
A.F.A.E.F., Association of Relatives of Alzheimer Patients in Ibiza and Formentera
A.F.A.E.F.: Association of Relatives of Alzheimer Patients in Ibiza and Formentera
Advise, inform and support families of Alzheimer’s patients, in all needs. They provide cognitive, fysical, medical, personal and social care to improve the quality of live of Alzheimer’s patients, family and caregivers. They train professionals and collaborate with public social services, they encourage volunteering and take care of fundraising.
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