ibiza charity charities in ibiza

ibiza charity charities in ibiza
Charities in Ibiza

Ibiza is home to a number of good causes, such as charities and charitable organizations involved in raising awareness on local issues that are neglected,

and they are working on the necessary fundraising to support their important deployment, for a better future.

These local initiatives, projects and organizations, devoted to humanitarian aid and animal welfare, not locally or governmentally subsidized, are totally dependent on donations to achieve their intentions.
To achieve these goals, local volunteers work on a daily basis, with great effort.

Considering the Love for Animals Ibiza is also supported from abroad, to alleviate the great distress of thousands of abandoned animals on the island.

The multicultural population of Ibiza, distinguished by their characteristic philanthropy, supports these local charities with heart & soul.

Yet your donation can make a big difference to people & animals!
Therefore we make an urgent appeal to your charity and generosity
to financially support the following organizations:
Ibiza 4 all, IBIZA CHARITY - Charities in Ibiza.
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